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            My personal life experiences determine my artwork. It makes my art feel more personal and also can appeal to the viewer’s life experiences as well. I have an interest in portraits because as a human we make tons of interactions with other humans every day. I like to incorporate plants in a lot of my works because they have features that remind me of humans. Other than the fact we are both eukaryote creatures we both learn to adapt to our environment and need the same kind of nutrients to survive. Recently I’ve also become very interested in ceramics as a medium and I have conducted research on West African traditions to incorporate into my artwork. I have used references from Greek and Egyptian shape vessels to produce amphora based off the morning and celebrations of the death of loved ones. I enjoy experimenting with items in sculpture, clay and ink.

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Han Dynasty Urn with Coca-Cola Logo, 1994 by Ai Weiwei

Ai Weiwei uses branding on ancient pieces from the Han Dynasty to mix old culture with new culture. He is touching on ideas of old and new and what was important then and combining it with what is important now, todays&#8217;s society&#8217;s worth with the worth now.
Concentration Paper: Introduction

The vessel form of Greek and Egyptian vase shapes inspired me to experiment for my concentration. I became interested in the vases made by Egyptians to sit in the sand of tombs that dead pharaohs laid. These vases were used to hold offerings to the dead. After this observation death became a fascinating concept for me look at how different cultures celebrated and mourned the death of their loved ones. I wanted to know more about my past cultures and their indigenous traditions and funerary customs. Before my concentration I knew very little about my African roots and I was captivated to learn my own history as well as others and bring the concepts together. My work shows my interest in the cultures of Egyptian, Greek and African culture as well as the development and craft and the relationship of the vessel with the afterlife.

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Ghanaian symbols ❤

Some symbols being used in my concentration on the neck of my vases to relate the concepts to death.
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2dots Spotlight&#160;: Ghana by photographer Ross Davidson

Adinkra cloths were traditionally only worn by royalty and spiritual leaders for funerals and other very special occasions. These represent different concepts. I would like to use these symbols in my vases as patterns to convey these ideas.
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(via Beth Cavener Stichter - Bon Expose | All About Art and Design)

One of my favorite ceramic artists right now. The gesture created within the deer in contrast with the wall and stool is absolutely amazing. I love way she in corporate the stool in the wall with the piece. It makes it feel more in place.
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